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the other italy

...There is much more to Italy than just the well known stereotyped "spaghetti" & red wine flask imagery, so here is a section dedicated to "The Other Italy".

(online and on paper, in English and Italian): all you want to know about art happenings and critique in Italy, focus on contemporary arts. | Flash Art Italia (vs. Flash Art International) | Taormina Film Festival | La Biennale di Venezia | Forma

and more experimental ones:
DROME magazine | NEURAL magazineagazine

new media arts : groups | information resources

Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, and their latest production "Gino the chicken"
KissTransparentz | Claudio Martinezz
Arcnaut, a project by Mario Canali, know heading Studio Canali, who earlier founded
Correnti Magnetiche (Sinigaglia - Leddi - Canali) Mediamente was a great source of information, sigh! not there anymore:-( | INVIDEO

indie italy:

CSAs (Centri sociali autogestiti)| Isole nella Rete

performance art

Orlan | Sophie Calle | Janine Antoni | Mutoid Waste Company | La Fura dels Baus | Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca |

visual arts | photography | new media arts

Miro' | Magritte | William Blake | Aubrey Bearsley | Odd Nerdrum | Cindy Sherman | | Doris Salcedo | Hans Bellmer | Bauhaus | MapplethorpMapplethorpe | George Rodgers & Magnum Agency in general| Richard Avedon | Helmut Newton

new media arts :

Electronic Arts Intermix | Video Data Bank |-Video Art | art Outsiders | IMAGINA | Ars Electronica | INVIDEO| Ars Futura | LoveBytes



literary arts | critical thinking | aesthetics | semiotics

They are under the same umbrella because many of the authors listed below crossed disciplinary boundaries (thankfully!) and were fraught with cultural valu. Visual artists often operate(d) critically too, hence the contiguity of these categories.

Charles Baudelaire | Oscar Wilde | Anaïs Nin | Roger Caillois | Georges Bataille | William Gibson | William Burroughs

on aesthetics, semiotics, philosophy:

In no particular order ...Mario Perniola | Umberto Eco | Charles S. Pierce | Frederick Nietzsche | Michel Maffesoli | Gilles Deluze & Felix Guattari
Bateson, Benjiamin, Geertz, Perniola, Eco, et al. impact the way you perceive yourself and everything around you.

on critical theory, passing through cultural anthropology, ending up to cultural studies:

Walter Benjamin | Theodor Adorno (and The Frankfurt School) | Gregory Bateson | Clifford Geertz | James Clifford | Donna Haraway | Dick Hebdige | my mentor of all times: ssimo Massimo Cnevacci. Thank you, Massimo.

art galleries | festivals | museums | art resources

Tate Britain and Tate Modern | Centre Pompideau | La Biennale di Venezia | The Kitchen | MoMA | P.S.1 | MoCA | Festival d'Avignon| ArtNet


I love cinema! In Italy we usedto express our preferences by Director's names, so here it is only a partial list of some geniuses:
Peter Greenaway (A zed and Two Noughts, The Pillow Book, The Baby of Macon on top!) | David Cronenberg | Bob Fosse (yes...he's also a coreographer, All that Jazz being one of my favorite rock operas of all times) | Atom Egoyan | Krzysztof Kieslowski


Here a geist of a quite (trust me;-) extensive and heterogeneous collection
Kate Bush | Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Creatures | Massive Attack | Lamb| The Herbaliser | Planet Funk | Crystal Castles | Fila Brazillia | Diamanda Galas | Front 242 | Rachmaninoff | Michael Nyman | Agricantus | Thievery Corp. | K & D| The Chemical Brothers ...and The Chrystal Method | Led Zeppelin | Frank Zappa

I listen to BBC3 (Late Junction *rocks!*) and Rob Da Bank on Radio 1

...to be continued ...


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